Stone Veneer Installation

Natural Stone Thin Veneer is natural stone that is cut to a depth of just 3/4” to 1-1/4”. This makes Natural Stone Thin Veneer much lighter than traditional stone facings, and that gives it some distinct advantages:

  • Natural Stone Thin Veneer is less expensive to ship.
  • Installation is simpler. In fact, it can be installed on almost any properly-prepared surface.
  • Architects and contractors can create designs and patterns that might not be possible with traditional stone cuts.

Natural Stone Thin Veneer is natural stone, harvested from the earth, with wonderful all natural colors and textures, and it will last a lifetime.

Valhalla Contracting is proud to offer a variety of Natural Stone Thin Veneer that will enhance the beauty and value of any project. The Veneer appears to be cut directly from the quarry wall. It contains predominantly random rectangular shapes. Rich textures, irregular shapes and soothing earthtone colors. 

These new innovative stone cuts can change the face of any project. Use your imagination and create the design of your dreams!